GranitePly HDO


Transferring tables to second condo. After 7 pours, Nova’s GranitePly HDO is still going strong

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Industrial MDO


Nova production continues with a very nice 7 ply 1/2″ 5×7 MDO for use in an industrial application. Product was laid with Arclin’s 3323 heavy Kraft paper with 34% resin content. Product was smooth and flat coming out of the press.


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ResinFlow MDO

Nova had produced its first run of MDO using surfactor’s 215 Melamine b-staged resin impregnated paper. Product surface is extraordinarily smooth with a very slight gloss. The product is scheduled for delivery to the job site next week.  We expect to see 10 pours on this product


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First Product!

Nova has started up manufacturing and has run product through the press. The product is an industrial grade MDO. Product was well received by the customer and more orders are pending.

We will a have representative from surfcator in next week as we produce our first load of concrete MDO plywood.

We have hit the ground running!

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Concrete Forming Panels – New Opportunities Arrive

Nova Forest Products brings a new supply of concrete forming panels with a new production mill on the east coast.

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